Shake it Up Australia Foundation – Our new partners

We have now partnered with Shake it Up Foundation Australia, insofar as 50% of our profits will go to that organisation and 50% to Light of Day Foundation USA.

PrintWe are proud of our Australian Shake it Up, and inspired by the story of Clive Campbell who decided he can be someone who suffers from Parkinson’s, or someone who does something about it.
But this provides another amazing link. A link to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons research.
 This Fox Foundation – Shake it Up partnership was developed by Clive Campbell and results in 50/50 funding arrangements for Research in Australia. Projects which are first rated against applications from all over the world.
When Clive and his brother Greg say that 100% of your donation will go to Parkinsons research, they mean it. Clive and Greg personally fund all of the administrative costs of the foundation, including the CEO’s wages.
 Interestingly there are strong parallels with our relationship with Light of Day Foundation USA. We’ve modeled our Light of Day Winter Gigs on Light of Day events worldwide.. where profits are divided between the local and international fund. Gigs are held in smaller intimate venues leading to a grand finale. And of course, the surprise appearance of an unofficial patron, and of course plenty of great Rock and Roll!