Saxophonist Eddie Manion has provided a steady stream of big open ‘Texas Tenor’ R&B / Rock & Roll sounds for long time friends Bruce Springsteen, Steven Van Zandt, and Southside Johnny for many years. Manion recently completed a 3 year worldwide tour with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (2012-2014)  playing 167 shows in 27 countries to well over four million eager fans. Eddie “Kingfish” Manion entered the world of Blues, R&B and Jazz while he was a member of the Robert Cray Band and this influence has never left.


Playing both tenor and baritone sax, Manion’s Roots Rock tone earned him a place in the touring bands of Diana Ross, Dave Edmunds, and Willie DeVille, to name a few. He has toured several times with Springsteen, including the 1988 Tunnel of Love tour and the Seeger Sessions tour in 2005. In November 2015 Eddie will release his first instrumental solo record, a deliciously spicy mix of musical styles called Nightlife.