If you haven’t heard of ‪Gallie until now you’re in for a real musical awakening…. If you like artists like Billy Bragg, ‪Tom Waits, John Martyn or ‪Wilco, then it is time to embrace the musical talents of Gallie with his amazing debut album the Occoquan River. Gallie has a remarkable talent of imagery that can transport you from the bloody battlefields of the American Civil War to the soft comfort of your lovers bed within the length of one tune. Make sure to get yourself to one of his shows and be a part of this not to be missed talented songwriter ‪Gallie

“Sublime lyrics, tremendous melodies, sung by a singer with a voice that is both soulful and incredibly expressive…..One of my favourite records of 2015 by an artist from any country”

Micheal Park, The International Americana Show, Fm Radio, New York City

“The Occoquan River is one of the best songs of the year – Australian or International.”Brian Wise, Off The Record, Triple R