Mike Rudd’s bands, Spectrum, The Indelible Murtceps and Ariel were highly respected in the ‘70s and inspired many of today’s popular music icons. Spectrum’s 1971 national number one hit, I’ll Be Gone (Someday I’ll have money), still features on radio playlists and inspires crowds to sing along all around the country. 

 Spectrum was formed in 1969 and today still features founder-member and principal songwriter Mike Rudd on vocals, guitar and blues harp. Drummer Peter ‘Robbo’ Robertson joined Mike and Bill in 1997 when they’d decided to resume the Spectrum name and keyboardist Daryl Roberts joined a few years later, evoking the original organ-based Spectrum line-up. Bassist Broc O’Connor joined Spectrum after Rudd’s long-term musical partner Bill Putt’s unexpected death in 2013.

In 2001, thirty years after it was a number one hit, I’ll Be Gone was honoured by being included in the APRA’s list of the top Australian songs of the last 75 years (it came in at No.13).

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